1What is the Houston Chili Cook Off?

It is a celebration of chili that involves a cooking and showmanship. Chili is prepared from scratch at the cook-off site and judged on set criteria by a panel of judges in a blind tasting. Random numbers are assigned and not linked to any team know to the judges.

Are you dramatic? Show everyone your Hot Stuff with the most colorful Chili team fun and creativity. You could win a prize!

2What are the different chili competition categories?
1) Texas Red (no beans, meat and gravy)
2) Wildcard – anything you’re brave enough to submit. Green Chili, Venison Chili, Goat Chili, Bison Chili…. etc. You get the idea!
3) Bean it Up – Bean based chili or chili that includes beans
4) Best Team Theme – How much showmanship does your team have?
5) People’s Choice Chili – Each wrist band will come with tokens for attendees to vote with for their favorite chili(s)